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Concluding remarks to the seminar “A Different Take on Europe. Listening to civil society”, organised by the Directorate General Justice and Consumers (DG JUSTICE) of the European Commission and the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC)of the European Commission, in association with the European Association of Free Thought, in the framework of the dialogue with the philospphical non confessional organisations provided for by article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Berlaymont, Brussels, April 1st 2019 (Audio file here

On the 70th anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration, Collegium Novum, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, December 8th 2018. With the Patronage of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 of the European Union.

Italy 2018, interview to Kaja Bryx, Racjonalista TV, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, December 8th 2018. RacjonalistaTv_interview_Cracow2018

Presentation of the IEHU Freedom of Thought Report 2018 at the European Parliament, Brussels , December 6th 2018 (Audio file here).

“Repeal all Blasphemy Laws”, Giulio Ercolessi statement on behalf of the European Humanist Federation in the Warsaw 2018 “Human Dimension Implementation Meeting” of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Warsaw September 13th 2018 (Audio file here).

German Humanist Day opening ceremony. Address speech by EHF president Giulio Ercolessi, Nuremberg Ancient Town Hall, June 22nd 2018 (in German and English)Eröffnung des HumanistenTag Nürnberg 2018 Small

European Humanist Federation annual General Assembly. Opening speech by EHF president Giulio Ercolessi (Audio file here), Nuremberg, June 22nd 2018.

Artificial Intelligence. Addressing ethical and social challenges. High-level Meeting with Non-confessional Organisations at the European Commission. Berlaymont, Brussels, June 18th 2018. Contribution of Giulio Ercolessi.

“European Parliament Article 17 Seminar with Non Confessional Organisations: The Discrimination and Persecution of Non-Believers around the World”, European Parliament, Brussels April 11th 2018 (Audio file here).

Video file: Contribution to the Secularity Congress in Warsaw, October 21st 2017 Warsaw_Secularity_Congress

The Embryo is not One of Us (July 2017).

Video file: “What does it mean to be European today? In search of a European identity”. Contribution to the panel in the European Humanist Federation annual conference “Humanism and Rationalism: Current Challenges and Ideas for the Future”. Ossolineum, Wrocław, May 21st 2017. With David Pollock, Nyegosh Dube, Joanna Hańderek, Piotr Napierala, moderatrice Kaja BryxWrocław conference

The Italian Constitutional Reform: How Renzi is Putting Liberal Democracy at Risk. A Critical Liberal Analysis.

Audio files: introduction and replies by Giulio Ercolessi in the panel discussion “Visions for Europe?”, concluding the international conference “Future of European Integration: the Impact of the Financial Crisis on European Solidarity”, organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the Czech Centre for Liberal Studies and the Association for International Affairs, Prague September 6th 2012.

“Liberalism in 25 minutes”; speech held by Giulio Ercolessi  within the two-day training on “Party structures, articulation of a vision, campaigning and internal party democracy and integrity”, organised by the International Democratic Initiative, ELDR, the National Democratic Institute and LIBSEEN (Liberal South East European Network), Poreč/Parenzo, July 1st 2012 (Audio file here).

“Liberal Principles Compared”, Giulio Ercolessi’s contribution to the Summer Seminar 2011, held in Doorn (Utrecht) on September 7-9th 2011, organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of the International Democratic Initiative and Hans van Mierlo foundation. This text is part of the book edited by Maartje Jansen, Anne van Veenstra and Gosse Vuijk, The Hague 2012.

Video file: “Secularism and Separation of Church and State in Europe”, within the seminarDireitos Individuais na Europa”, organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of the Portuguese Movimento Liberal Social, of the Catalan Fundació Catalanista i Democrata and of  fondazione Critica liberale, Lisbon, November 17th 2011.Lisbon ELF seminar

Audio file: “Liberal Answers to the Disenchantment with Politics: what is the Role of Public Participation, what the Role of Representative Democracy?”, seminar organised by the European Liberal Forum at the occasion of the Austrian national holiday, with the support of Liberales Zukunftsforum, of fondazione Critica liberale e of the Slovenian Novum Institute, Vienna, October 25th 2011.

“Berlusconi’s Italy: a European Country ruled by a Populist Far Right”, written contribution to the European Liberal Forum seminar “Liberal Answers to Xenophobia and Community Conflicts in Europe”, organised on May 8th 2011, Europe’s Day, in Klagenfurt, with the support of Liberales Zukunftsforum, FORES and NOVUM Institute.

Audio file: “After the Lisbon Treaty. What Political System for Europe?”. Panel discussion within the 2010 Liberal Academy, organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of the ELDR party (European Liberal Democrats), Kenniscentrum D66, Prometheus Liberaal Kenniscentrum and Critica liberale,“Challenging the European Integration Standstill”, on August 30th 2010, European Parliament, Brussels.

Audio file: Contribution on behalf of the European Liberal Forum to the debate among representatives of the think tanks organisations of the European political families, organised at Charitas Europe Brussels by the Jesuit European Office and the Antwerpen Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius, in view of the European elections, May 13th  2009.

“Costs of Political Intermediation and Sustainability of the European Social Model in Health Care: the Dutch Example”, expansion and updating in English of Giulio Ercolessi’s contribution to the international conference “Per una politica sanitaria europea / Health Care Policy and Fundamental Rights in Europe”, organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of the Critica liberale foundation, on November 27th 2008 in Rome, Villa Spalletti Trivelli.

Audio file: Giulio Ercolessi’s contribution to the panel debate “Secularism, Freedom of Religion and Democracy”. European Liberal Forum workshop on “Democracy in Turkey: a Road Map on the Way towards European Union”, organised with the support of the Friedrich Naumann foundation, of the International Democratic Initiative and of the Liberal Düşünce Topluluğu (Association for Liberal Thinking) on May 15th 2010 in Ankara.

“Secularism, Women & The State. The Mediterranean World in the 21st Century”, edited by Barry A. Kosmin and Ariela Keysar, published by the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, 2009, 264 pages. The volume includes a chapter by Giulio Ercolessi, “Italy: The Contemporary Condition of Italian Laicità” and can be downloaded or purchased in paperback from the ISSSC Trinity College site.

Audio file: introduction to the Lymec “Civil Rights and Liberties in the Information Age” seminar session on “From Roe v. Wade up to nowadays: Privacy as a Guarantee of Liberty”, co-organised by the IdV Youth Department with the support of the ALDE group in the EU Committee of the Regions, in Tivoli May 7th 2009. 

“Separation of Church and State in Europe. With views on Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Greece”, edited by Fleur de Beaufor, Ingemund Hägg, Patrick van Schie, published by the European Liberal Forum, Brussels 2008, 190 pages. The volume includes the introduction by Giulio Ercolessi and Ingemund Hägg, “Towards Religious Neutrality of Public Institutions in Europe”, a chapter on Italy by Giulio Ercolessi, “Italy: born as a Secular State in the XIX Century, back to a Clerical Future in the XXI Century?” and “A Note on Recent Developments in France” by Giulio Ercolessi e Ingemund Hägg. This publication was funded by the European Parliament and is not for sale, but can be downloaded free of charge from the ELF web site (pdf, 1.05 MB) or requested in paperback, upon payment of the postage cost in stamps (2 euros inside Italy, subject to variation of the postal tariff for books), from Fondazione Critica liberale, Via delle Carrozze 19, I-00187 Roma.

“Religion, Secularism and European Integration”. European Liberal Forum seminar on “Churches and States in the Civic Identity Process”, June 26th2008, premises of the Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona. Opening conference speech by Giulio Ercolessi (Text and Audio). 

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